Our Technology

We use the latest mobile technology to ensure all work is done to a professional standard, whether it is to monitor our staff to ensure they are upholding their duties or recording any dangers spotted on a patrol.

Staff Sign-on and Sign-off

Scan to Record

Scan to record Shifts, Patrols, Checkpoints & Lone Worker Check Calls

GPS location

Each transaction captures GPS location, Time & Date (even when there is no signal)

Real-Time Response

Access patrol routes and response to incidents in real-time

Environmentally Friendly

There is no excess waste with all reporting done paperless.

NFC Graphic

Incident Management

  • No more hand-written incident management reports
  • IAuditor
  • Easily export to .pdf, date and time stamped with narration, photographic evidence, all in real-time
  • Sent directly to nominated client contacts post incident
  • Customer extranet link into our system