Access Control

Our systems create a physical barrier for the times when your alarm is off, And can be integrated with Intruder and CCTV solutions. Removing the need for physical keys, which can fall into the wrong hands when misplaced or lost, our access control systems eliminates the need of replacements and expensive change of locks.

Access control allows your business to control people intelligently and to control high risk areas that are critical to your business. They can also be integrated into Fire systems to allow people to leave the building safely in the event of a Fire.

Access control panel

Stand-alone Fob or Card Access Systems

Those authorised with building access will have their own fob or key-card that with activate the door locking/unlocking by a touch-pad near the door. Card can also be allowed different levels of access and can be assigned to its specific users making attendance registers easier to monitor in the event of a fire.

Integrated Systems

You can now integrate your access control system with other security systems. This allows for the upmost protection of your staff. The Access control can be linked to the fire and CCTV systems to automated unlocking allow emergency evacuation procedures.

Gate / Barrier Systems

A more physical form of access control, the first point of security for a premises would be to bypass the gate / barrier before reaching the door. Physical access control such as these can be used as visual deterrents for the building as well as another level of security before accessing the building itself.





Networked Systems

The Networked systems allows the access control methods to be used throughout an entire premises and across multiple premises across the UK. This allows for maximum security as it can be monitored who is allowed within what premises and monitors who is there. It also creates ease as there will be no need for multiple access keys and just one for each employee with their set allowance of access.

Audio / Video Systems

Audio / video systems allow the user to access buildings using a spoken password, particularly useful for some disabled users who would have trouble accessing a physical fob or card. It is also highly secure as not only is the password specific to the user to physical attributes and audio pitch are also taken into account for this access system.

Bio-metric reader systems

The most secure key that can be used is yourself. Your own genetically printed key - such as your eyes or fingerprints are used to access the building or certain rooms within. It can be signed to as many or as few employees as desired, and there is minimal chance of unauthorised access as the "key" cannot be stolen from its owner.


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