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Nationwide Security's Effective Fire systems detection protects your business, saves lives and helps you meet your Fire safety responsibilities. Our Fire detection uses industry leading fire systems to offer reliable early detection of Fire.

fire systems

Fire Risk Assessment

We can arrange through a risk assessment through an independent third party provider. This is to ensure you meet the regulatory reform order requirements.

Free Fire Survey

We cam provide a free site survey and, subject to your risk assessment, we can quote for all current fire systems needed


Fire Safety Training

We can arrange fire warden / marshal training of fire procedures and extinguishers for delegated members of staff.

Fire Detection and Alarm

We can quote, supply, install, and commission fire systems that meet the current sire legislation standards


Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Protocols

We can supply and install all categories of fire extinguishers that meet the current British standards

Emergency lighting and Safety Signage

All current requirements for emergency lighting and signage can be provided and installed.



24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring

We will be monitoring your fire systems around the clock and in the event of an alarm, we will follow the set protocols for contacting the key holders and fire brigade if a URN (Unique Reference Number) is set up.

" Over 75% of new business's that have a fire within the first twelve months will fail "

The regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005- England and Wales and Fire Safety (Scotland) 2006- Scotland

A summary of the legislation

  • UK employers must carry out a fire risk assessment and remove or reduce the risk of fire.
  • Fire certificates are no longer issued
  • Each individual company is responsible for their own fire safety.

           The employer must conduct a fire risk assessment regardless of the size of the risk. the identified responsible person would therefore take full corporate liability.

  • If five or more people are employed, the significant findings of the fire risk assessment must be documented.
  • The responsible person must ensure suitable fire precautions are available and maintained by a competent person.
  • Extended scope of consideration includes property safety, fire fighter safety and the environment around the site as well as just protecting life. This means that allowing a building to e sacrificed is unacceptable due to the risk to neighbouring buildings and fire fighters. The responsible person would have a duty to protect the fire brigade.
  • Unlike the Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations, the Fire Safety Order places emphasis on business continuity and containing and preventing the spread of small fires.
  • Protection is explicitly extended to all occupants and not just employees, Visitors, Contractors or Passers-by also have to be considered in the risk assessment.
  • Fire fighters now have greater authority to gain entry to premises and remove samples after a fire.


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