Intruder Alarms

For when the time for prevention has passed, it is time to detect and respond to the issue, intruder alarm systems are the first step to this process. Wired or wireless we can tailor a bespoke solution to your requirements, such as our Stand Alone Systems, monitored with Keyholder and Police Response.

All of our intruder alarms systems are supplied, installed and commissioned to the current British Standard. Prevention is the best way to avoid disruption. Having a proper intruder alarm installed can also ensure that you meet your insurance and legislation obligation.

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Maintain + Monitor

Hold Up / Panic Alarms

Discretely hidden intruder alarms for the use of the staff if found in any dangerous situation. These can be either silent or disruptive.

The silent intruder alarms would be activated by the shopkeeper if they are in danger and in some cases, where alerting the intruder with a loud alarm may do more damage than good. These alarms notify the police or key holder of the premises and would have them available to aid the situation within a guaranteed, pre-agreed time period.

Disruptive alarms are loud and alert everybody within that immediate area, drawing attention to the issue and security forces in that area to the premises. This will confuse the intruder and draw them into a sense of panic where mistakes can be made when attempting to rob from the premises.

Anti-theft Fogging Systems

"They can't steal what they can't see"

another form of intruder alarms are fogging systems.  Fogging systems are placed within the premises and are either activated by a button from an employee or by an agreed upon type of disruption in the building.

The fogging system will let out an instant thick mist proven to fill the entire area within 5 seconds. The mist is so thick, those contained in it cannot see within less than a foot and will become confused and disorientated. In addition, lights and sounds can be played during the activation of the mist, further nauseating the assailant.

No harsh, chemical toxins have been used within the mist and there are no proven after effects of exposure within the mist, providing given the proper orientation, employees in the mist at the same time will not be affected.

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Monitored Alarms

"When it matter's it's worth Monitoring"

Nationwide security are giving you peace of mind knowing we will respond within minutes.

No activation goes unnoticed and with Key holder Response we call you and your nominated Key holders when your alarm is activated.

All monitoring is Dual Path, meaning we still receive activation's even if your telephone line is compromised.


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