Our Locations


We bring together the most vital parts of keeping business premises maintained and safe so you can get on with what you’re there to do. Our 4 key values to support our mission are Quality, Integrity, Motivation, and Improving


We aim to deliver exceptional service standards to customers, first time, on time all the time. Our regular staff training empowers our operatives to pay attention to detail and work safely and collaboratively as a team We also promise to confirm thorough inspection and audits for the highest quality of service


Here at Nationwide Services we are transparent and honest in all business relationships We understand that all staff need to; respect our customers, understanding we work in their space, respect company ethos, the letter of the law and the environment, and respect your colleagues and be sensitive to cultural differences


We ensure that our team are motivated to enable them to be the best they can be. For this we provide the best tools to improve productivity and encourage our colleagues to embrace new skills and learning. Making us a great company to work with and for


We like to encourage positive fresh thinking to enable Nationwide to make continuous improvement based on measure, analyse and optimisation. Employees are encouraged to question perceived wisdom which can help present solutions and improvements to our customers


We take a serious approach to health and safety, adopting best practice and implementing them throughout our business. Nationwide Services ensure we meet our moral and legislative responsibility to our workforce, valuing the safety and welfare of all our colleagues. This approach is supported by industry accreditations and continuous review of best practice.

Best Practice

Continuous improvement, sharing of processes and lessons learnt through event investigation, audit and review. This drive for improvement helps us to keep pace with the rapidly shifting and competitive commercial environments in which we operate. Great service delivery for our customers includes health and safety management to keep you, your customers and our colleagues safe.

Excellent Safety Standards

We maintain excellent standards of safety through a high level of colleague participation in active monitoring across all regions. We keep an open dialogue about safety issues via Site Supervisory Visits, with the objective of safety becoming ‘a part of the job’. Regular conversations about safety, help to reinforce its importance - the more we talk about safety, the more culturally ingrained it becomes. It also creates trust on sites and safety conversations with those carrying out the work allows sharing of best practice. 

Working Together

By taking the time to have good conversations with our colleagues about our working environment, by being alert to risk, by reporting near misses and challenging unsafe practice, we work together to ensure that no one gets hurt at work and that everyone can go home safe and healthy.