Property Inspection (Void and Tenanted)

Nationwide Security can provide you with an agreed level of property inspections for your tenanted or void premises. Whilst undertaking the visits, all readings for electric meters, water meters, and gas meters will be taken and added to the digital report along with a photograph of each meter. All damage, graffiti, or required maintenance will be added to the digital report.

Inspections also include reporting on anything that may intercept with security such as CCTV obstructions or any health and safety risks that could affect the occupants, for example loose tiles or damages / weakness in structures.

As the manager or owner of a void property, you will be aware of how vulnerable your property is to theft, squatters and vandalism, along with the possible claims from third party accidents.

The property inspection can be arranged to suit client requirement, we check for any sign of:

  • Attempted burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Squatters
  • Drug use in the buildings or grounds


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