Security Guards

All security guards are provided by Nationwide Security and are Security Industry Authority licensed (SIA), guards will wear their license in a prominent place for ease of recognition.

Nationwide Security are also a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) qualified by the SIA. We are regularly audited to ensure full SIA compliance is maintained for our security staff and security hire guards this not only guarantees our clients physical security but also legal security and peace of mind.

All security hire officers are site-specific trained ensuring they can provide the right support for your company or event across retail, commercial, industrial or construction premises. We can also provide one-off security hire services for any size Merseyside based sports/music events, galas, weddings etc.

Manned Guarding

Operating across Merseyside and backed by a manned guarding senior management team with a proven industry track record, we offer a wide range of security hire in the Manned Guarding services from standard front-of-house duties to advanced access control.

Through unwavering professionalism Nationwide Security's manned guarding gives Merseyside based businesses the resilience, they need to emerge from any crisis or security challenge you may face.  From day-to-day security operations to long term risk management strategy, Nationwide Security's manned guarding is at the forefront of protection management we are your ultimate business security solution.

Nationwide Security Gatehouse services


Nationwide Security’s Gatehouse officers are diversely trained to cover a whole range of site requirements from vehicle access and egress, weighbridge control, fire marshal duties, visitor registration monitoring, CCTV monitoring and image control, general reception duties and other types of manned guarding you may require at your premises. We will specifically design the site assignment instructions to suite your site requirements. We know the world of importing and exporting is non-stop which is why a security officer will be available 24hours a day whenever needed. With access to the 24hour control room as a support for your company and security hire officers.
Security Hire retail, Heron Foods


All Nationwide’s’ security manned guarding officers are of presentable appearance and we offer several dress codes from high impact uniform officers as a visual deterrent or non-uniformed security hire officers to act as floor walkers should the need arise. Smart, reliable, and vigilant CCTV - SIA licensed security officers. Providing a visual deterrent to reduce loss of stock, these security officers are fully trained with the powers of arrest laws and conflict management. Nationwide understand that a retail establishment must keep up a professional appearance to their customers and that all conflict will be dealt with professionally. We realise that we are assisting a business succeed and will ensure that there will be minimal disruptions from footfall to stock loss.
Security Guards


Front of house manned guarding staff are trained to control your reception areas with consideration to your site’s security. All our concierge staff are professional and have excellent communication skills with the ability to answer calls, greet visitors into the premises, cover all site fire risk requirements, etc. All our concierge staff are site specific trained because we believe that no two sites are the same. We tailor our jobs to your needs and can make sure the concierge has as much or as little involvement in your company in a way that suites your requirements. At Nationwide security we are mindful that whilst you have our security hire staff on your site, we are representing your company and therefore we also ensure all staff are smart in appearance, we can adjust their dress code to match your specific requirements. Your input into our staff’s presentation and method of work is valuable to us.
Builders cleans

Construction Sites

Each manned guarding officer will be given site specific assignment instructions for every job. Every building site is different and even the site itself can change daily. Due to your building site evolving daily, all our security hire staff are trained to undertake daily risk assessments which is open to review from the client. Along with manned guarding services, the 24hour control room is provide to you and with assistance supported by a well-trained fleet of mobile supervisors for additional support to your duty officers. As very under populated areas the risk of security breach at a building is high and therefore manned guarding is essential. All our officers are SIA licensed and can deal with dangerous situations. Without security hire services, your site will be assigned a dedicated manager who will arrange monthly client visits to discuss your changing security needs along with any recommendations to improve services.
Event Security

Event Security

Whatever your need we can provide tailored security hire solutions for your event, this including stewards for crowd control and SIA trained security staff for door control. We can cover all sized events from stadiums and festivals to carnivals and private parties, day and night. Our manned guarding event staff have you covered from controlling the point of entry, checking any tickets, bag and body searches, perimeter patrols which is preventing any unauthorised access, door staff are also available to supervise licensed areas such as bars. All to ensure that the attendees of your event remain safe, and there is minimal risk from beginning to end. As conflict is always a risk when working with large crowds, our team are well trained in conflict management. Our security staff are capable of limiting the risk of conflict at any event.


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