Mobile Patrols

Once the number of required visits has been agreed we make the mobile visits as randomly as we can to ensure anybody watching the premises cannot fix a pattern to our patrols. When on site we check all boundaries, out buildings and main buildings. Internal inspections can also be made if required.

Property Inspection.

Nationwide Security can provide you with an agreed level of inspections for your premises.

Mobile Patrols

Nationwide Security provides companies large and small with mobile visits when the client feels an on-site officer is not required but needs a regular visit to ensure thieves or vandals have not attacked the site. This service is also valuable when you require other checks. For example, you may have fridges on site that require regular temperature checks. A failure in equipment or machinery out of hours can be costly for your business and we can build any required checks into these patrols offering you added value for money and protection. Your mobile patrol service will be tailored to meet your needs, with our SIA-licensed guard fully trained on your site to carry out all the agreed checks effectively. All our clients receive reports electronically to their agreed email in real time, showing times on/off site and notes of the patrol along with any relevant photos.

As the manager or owner of a void property, you will be aware of how vulnerable your property is to theft, squatters and vandalism, along with the possible claims from third party accidents.

This can be anything from once a week to daily. We check for any sign of:

  • Attempted burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Squatters
  • Drug use in the buildings or grounds

We can also take weekly utility meter readings. All this information is recorded on a pre-set electronic form and sent to your agreed email addresses in real time along with any supporting photographs – making it easy for you to record the visits or forward to clients, colleagues or insurance companies.