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Top Tips : Keeping properties secured during Lockdown

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Lockdown will increase the risk for unoccupied properties.

Here are some top tips to follow :

* Check your insurance policy and informed your insurers if your building remain unattended for a period of time at a risk of your insurance cover could become invalid

* Check the small prints in your insurance cover as regards to what your insurers requirements are to maintain your cover

* Make sure that all the statutory maintenance checks have been carried out to include heating, HVAC, water treatment, lift maintenance, electrical and so on

* Vacant Property Inspection should be carried out weekly and a report should be compiled to report any non conformance

* Please make sure that all your security systems are operational such as CCTV, perimeter fencing, windows locked and so on.

* Pay your utilities bill as if your gas or electricity is cut off, so is your heating or CCTV which could make your building vulnerable

At Nationwide FM Services, we are Vacant Properties Specialists and we look after 1000s of properties across the UK. For any information, please contact us via our website for any advice and support

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