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Security Sevices

Hire our professionals security personnel for your business.

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We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe and secure service in Durham

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Full range of security services in Durham

When it comes to the safety of your business, you can never be too careful. That's why Nationwide FM Security Services offers comprehensive protection from a wide range of threats. We'll work with you to create an individualized security plan to meet your business' needs.

Our services in Durham include:

Security Guard

  • Security Personnel

  • Concierge & Receptionists

  • CCTV & Remote Monitoring

  • Key Holding & Mobile Response

  • Investigation & Consultancy Services

  • Tracking & Electronic Solutions

  • Surveillance Services

  • Full Helpdesk Support 

  • PTS Security Guards

  • Commercial Security Guards

  • Alarm Response

  • Mobile Patrol

  • Risk Assessments

  • Retail Trained Uniformed Officers

  • In-store Detectives

  • Security Audits

  • Physical Security Checks

  • Retail Audits

  • Display and Stock Checks

  • First Aid Response

24/7 Nationwide Facilities Management Company

Natiowide FM is a leading security provider of private security guards across the UK, offering a range of security services to private individuals and business owners. We've developed a reputation for providing exceptional customer service as well as a skilled, dedicated team of people who are glad to help your business or organization secure potential threats.

Our team has a great management system and each of our security guards adhere to a strong training program that is taught in-house by our company.

 Currently, we operate in Durham and across the UK in the following sectors:

-  Retail

-  Commercial

-  Industrial

-  Financial

-  Transport

-  Corporate

-  Utilities

-  Logistics

-  Manufacturing

-  Education

  • Provide the best service with all necessary goods and tools.

  • Promote a more efficient working environment with the best secure strategies 

  • Achieve the highest level of productivity 

  • To achieve a harmonious work relationship with our clients in Durham

  •  To provide an environment where the company can grow and develop 


Our security services in Durham aim to :

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If you are not sure how you can benefit from our facilities management services in Durham,  we would love to hear from you.

Please call Nationwide Facilities Management on 0800 026 6675  for more information.

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